Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Toxic Masculinity"

A feminism favorite, Toxic Masculinity is one of those big bad evils that everyone needs to be on the lookout for.

What exactly is it?  Besides a buzzword full of noise and no content, that is.

Whenever men do evil, it is chalked up to "Toxic Masculinity".  It's not chalked up to humanity, it's linked to men, because only men fight, abuse, rape in the feminist's mind.  Women are always the victim, so thus men are always the perpetrator.

And if it's a lesbian couple?  Well, one of them was acting too much like a man then.  Easy-peasy.

Of course, you saw the shift in language that happened in that last sentence, correct?  It changed from "evil that men do, from too much machismo" to being "evil because of being like a man".  The former is what sane people think when they hear of the term Toxic Masculinity for the first time, but the latter is what it is in effect.
Machismo is, by effect, too much masculinity in the first place.  The latter effect is different in that it's not excess, but any trace of Masculinity is Toxic. 

Of course, there's the argument of "What does too much masculinity look like in effect anyway?  Just assuming it's bad and there's too much is dumb, like assuming that too much femininity is bad in the first place."  In this argument we can see the essence of Feminism distilled - pure femininity doesn't commit acts of terrible things, but pure masculinity does, thus we should do away with the masculine.  This completely misses the point of femininity being reactive, and masculine being active.  By shifting from masculine to feminine, nothing gets done, and as evidence just simply look around you at any beta schlub -- they're always waiting for something to just happen to them, whether it's the Love Of Their Life, their next promotion at work, or anything else that carries a modicum of risk.

So in the end, it's really about men supplicating themselves, as anything masculine IS toxic, and to make it more confusing, feminine traits get rebranded as masculine.  Subservience, not action in face of risk, is suddenly masculine.  Saying yes dear constantly like a whipped dog is suddenly masculine.

It's a running gag with false ideologies, the constant inversion of reality in order to preserve their core conceits.  It's perverting reality because reality is distasteful to them.

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  1. "It's a running gag with false ideologies...."