Monday, November 23, 2015


There's something about those people who pick out a small unimportant detail of something and obsess over it.  Colloquially they're known as spergs, or sperglords, because their obsession over trivialities completely misses basic social principles, very much like Asperger's Syndrome.

While I'm not entirely sure if those with Asperger's are naturally sperglords, it does appear to me that not all spergs have Asperger's.  Seemingly a pointless triviality, sure, but there are enough differences to make the remark worthwhile.

Practically by definition those with Asperger's (Asperger's sufferers?  Natural Spergs?) just simply do not instinctively understand social situations and social behaviors.  For them to improve in social ability they have to train themselves in the minutiae - it's not so much a simple "Oh I get it now" that normal people get when they connect the dots. 

Meanwhile, sperglords can be an otherwise adjusted person who can make friends, but there's something off or untrue in their understanding of reality.  In many ways, their amygdalae are underdeveloped (re: r/K selection theory) and they are oversensitive to things that are "suggested" if they notice it or think it's there.  If they don't notice it, it takes an extremely large amount of effort to do so.

Sperglords aren't so much completely unknowing of social situations, they're just extremely focused on things.  And in many cases those things are very unimportant, so their priorities get completely screwed up.  They keep on a topic and stay sensitive to said topic for a long time.

What's common between the two is a lot of rationalizing that happens.  Spergs aren't the hyperlogical rationale-robots they'd like you to believe, they're people who make decisions based on their emotions and rationalize it away after the fact.  Asperger Drones also completely misunderstand something, take offense, and then start rationalizing after-the-fact.

It kills me how many of them sit there thinking they're completely rational... when they aren't.  It makes conversing with them completely impossible if you attempt to do it via pure logic, which is what you'd think would be the correct method in dealing with autistics.  No, you have to hammer them with hatefacts, facts laden with triggering rhetoric so that they are persuaded even as their rationalized mind attempts to grapple with the dialectically true facts.

My current working theory is that the current bumpercrop of spergs come from having a naturally logically-bent mind built on faulty concepts of life and relationships, with the number one problem amongst spergs (universally men, sperglike women are just... women) is a faulty understanding of the masculine and the feminine.  So many lies have been spread about what women find attractive, what masculinity is, what femininity is, all because of a poisonous ideology that thinks if only we could have men and women acting like each other everything will be just grand.

Yes, I'm blaming the current surplus of spergs on feminism.

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